X2 Equity | Investment focus

X2 I Equity backs and supports small and mid-sized technology companies aiming to advance industrial manufacturing processes through the development and introduction of new innovative machinery & software, smart components, process technologies, or services. Areas of Interest include, but are not limited to:

Technology machinery and equipment
Modular Software
Advanced Components
Smart connected machines (IoT)
Industrial Manufacturing Markets
Digital platforms (smart factory)

Technology machinery and equipment

Process and automation equipment

  • Electronics manufacturing equipment (Semicon/PCB/SMT/Assembly)
  • Automation systems and robotics
  • Autonomous systems
  • Line integration equipment and services
  • Other advanced technology systems deployable in high-end mass production environments

Yield and quality protection (Industrial imaging and vision)

  • Test & inspection systems
  • Customized vision systems for quality assurance and yield protection in large-scale manufacturing

Advanced components *

  • Industrial Imaging and test components (cameras and sensors)
  • X-Ray detectors and sources
  • Sensors and MEMS devices
  • Drive and motion components
  • Control and power electronics

* mostly embedded in OEM machinery equipment or line fixtures


Advanced manufacturing services (technology machinery & equipment)

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Mass customization
  • Contract manufacturing (machine hardware)

Service based machinery use

  • “Inspection as a Services“
  • “Pay per use“

Modular Software

  • Industrial imaging software
  • Standard software for imaging equipment manufacturers and system integrators (machine vision)

Smart connected machines (IoT)

  • Smart sensors enabling machine connectivity and monitoring
  • Machine data analytics
  • Machine learning (predictive analytics)
  • AR/VR for service, repair and maintenance steps

Digital platforms (smart factory)

  • Automated machine and service bookings
  • Digital workflows
  • “Pay per Use“ enabling software
  • Smart manufacturing logistics 

Focus on products and services targeting industrial manufacturing markets

Potential target companies should ideally market and distribute their products and services – either directly or indirectly – to large-scale industrial manufacturing customers from the following industries:

  • Semiconductor, PCB and Electronics manufacturing
  • Automotive (Tier-1 / OEM‘s)
  • High-end consumer electronics products (ODM‘s / OEM‘s)
  • Industrial electronics
  • Battery production (energy storage)
  • Clean Energy / renewables
  • Medical devices
  • Defense and security

Through our established industrial network, we can provide access to selective customers, for i.e. mass production evaluations of machine prototypes (mass customizations), who could turn into key account customers following a succesful acceptance.

During our due-diligence, we try to challenge each new hardware, software and service innovation against a potential use in real manufacturing environments (if not already in use).