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FBGS is a leading supplier of advanced fiber-optic sensing solutions and components based on Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) technology. Headquartered in Germany with its main sales office located in Belgium, the company develops, produces and markets high-strength FBGs and related sensing system solutions (including interrogator devices and software) using its proprietary Draw Tower Grating (DTG) technology complemented by Femto-Second Gratings (FSG) fibers manufactured based on a Femto-Second inscription production technology.

FBGS’ fibre optic sensor solutions are meeting the growing industrial demand for smaller, more flexible and more durable fiber optic sensors that can withstand harsh operating environments for multiple years by simultaneously providing highly accurate and stable measurements. Typical sensing applications include temperature, strain, pressure, and shape measurements used to ensure operational safety and to increase efficiency of underlying assets. Measurement data generated by FBGS smart sensor hardware further provide the basic raw data and parameter set for downstream IIoT data analysis solutions.

Key customer markets supplied by FBGS include the medical, oil & gas, civil & geo, energy, transportation, aerospace, and industrials manufacturing industry.

X2 partnered with FBGS in 2018, provided growth financing and supports the company during its international roll-out further providing operational and sales platform support in China.