X2 Portfolio Companies – Intraratio

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United States

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IoT software
Digital platforms

Company description

Intraratio is a leading innovator in the industrial MES/IIoT software market. The Company offers an integrated MES and Yield-Management software suite that enables its customers to digitize manufacturing operations through automation of data interchange, inventory management and control of processes across local and global supply chains, delivering a true and scalable Industry 4.0 software platform for advanced and complex manufacturing environments from prototyping and small series (NPI) to mass-production.

Intraratio’s scalable RunCard+DataCard software platform supports both, rapid prototyping (NPI) and high-volume production of semiconductor, PCBA and module assemblies in the same system (cloud or on-premise). Value-adding and unique software application features include serialized unit traceability, machine data automation, real-time inventory tracking, and automated supplier data integration in real-time.

Build on 20 years of global high-tech engineering and manufacturing experience, Intraratio’s software suite reduces the cost and complexity of introducing IoT strategies into advanced industrial manufacturing, removing the need for lengthy installation, significant services, IT resources and software customization spend so that customer organizations realize time to value and ROI instantly. The platform further provides for seamless collaboration and integration with various ERP systems and software applications deployed on an enterprise or factory level.

Leading companies with multi-site operations from the high-performance computing, automotive Tier-1 electronics, photonics, medical device, and EMS industry rely on Intraratio’s RunCard/DataCard as an integrated MES and yield-management tool for their semi-backend and PCB/SMT assembly processes.

X2 partnered with Intraratio in 2021, provided growth financing and supports the company during its international expansion providing operational platform support in Germany and China as well as strategic key account support.