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Limata is an innovative provider of Direct Imaging System solutions for the global PCB manufacturing industry and adjacent markets.

LIMATA ‘s system solution offerings are aligned with the industrial market trend towards an increasing use of maskless direct (digital) imaging during the advanced PCB manufacturing process (versus conventional mask contact lithography). Backed by a dedicated in-house hardware, imaging & software engineering team, LIMATA has developed a complete LDI system product line for the PCB patterning and Solder Mask Imaging process. Latest product innovations include the new X1000 and X2000 system series and the unique Limata LUVIR imaging technology for the efficient high-speed imaging of solder mask applications.

With staff, operations and/or value-added distributor partnerships in all key PCB manufacturing regions, LIMATA serves its key account customer base locally supported by a dedicated engineering and applications team in Munich (Germany). PCB applications imaged (exposed) on LIMATA equipment include all standard and advanced PCB boards as well as custom and growing PCB applications in the area of thick copper (ceramic) and oversized panels.



X2 partnered with Limata in 2017 to actively support them to develop and implement a new product strategy based on a new technology roadmap, to establish international sales channels with a key focus on Asia and to build a lean and scalable operational platform.  In addition, X2 has brought in its operational partner network in the area of R&D/prototyping and outsourced machine manufacturing (Asia).